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GARY SCHUBERT, Principal, Colorplay Studio
I was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1943. At a young age I was artistically inclined, and was often found drawing in my sketchbook long before I began elementary school. My family knew I had natural talent but my first grade teacher was first to notice that talent when I drew a snowman on her blackboard. Thinking it was such a good rendering she summoned an evaluation expert from the Chicago Art Institute. My parents struggled financially after World War II as many families did, and were unable to afford future training for me at the Institute. However, I was diligent to continue my creativity dreams, to become the artist that had impressed my teachers at such an early age. Something was beginning for me in those
early years in Chicago that would guide my career decisions years later.

Our family took the famous route 66 to southern California in 1954 at the end of my sixth year of school, settling in Riverside, CA. There in a seventh grade mechanical drawing class I discovered drafting tools and received top grades for my drawings. Moving again to North Hollywood in 1956 and entering junior high there, I once again found myself in a drafting class enjoying and excelling in the new challenges, through my eighth grade year. I assisted the teacher in helping new students prepare their work by utilizing my own previous classroom experience and foreknowledge of their assignments and proper use of drafting tools.

My family did a lot of moving in those years and considerable distractions kept me from furthering my future as an artist. I went to live with my father in Newport, OR, completing the 9th grade in 1957. The move to Oregon turned out favorably for me as I once again found myself in art and drafting classes. I did my best work to date, winning second place in the state, in a mechanical drawing competition. This led me to consider a future in architectural engineering. My skills and confidence grew by having local contractors hire me to produce floor plans and elevation views of new homes and developments.

I began college in California as an Architectural Engineer after graduating from high school. Soon after I changed my major to Commercial Art, I was drafted into the service in 1964 during the Vietnam War era. Upon my return home I yielded to my natural talents that I cultivated during my school years.
Commercial art was the starting point and has served me very well for over forty years. Building confidence early in my career, I enrolled in the Famous Artist School of Westport, Connecticut completing their course in Design, Illustration and Art Direction. Continuing on at Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, which provided an ideal setting, I studied with some of the top talent and instructors in the world. During the years that followed I worked in the marketing department of a large corporation and began free-lance work with advertising agencies working directly with other major corporations in southern California.

In 1976 I started an advertising agency in Eugene, Oregon specializing in print media for corporate and Business-to-Business clients. My agency won several local and regional competitions for our creativity. I retired the agency business and kept my Colorplay Studio business completing design and illustration assignments similarly as I did in my agency. Using the electronic tools, such as Photoshop, I continue to develop compositions for my paintings using my own references and ideas.

20921 Sage Creek Drive • Bend, OR 97702 • 541.954.5735 • colorplay@garyschubert.com

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