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Once the agency matured I began private oil painting instruction and attended several University of Oregon workshops with professional artists as well as others in various states. There I discovered the challenges of plein air painting. Outdoor painting was a major departure from the tight realism that I admired from famous illustrators familiar to me back in college.

In the mid 1980s I began Northwest Passage Gallery. This was our first experience representing other professional artists. Among a dozen or more artists represented were, well known bronze artist Dennis Jones, wildlife artists James Meager, Darrel Davis and Robert MacGinnis. By the early 1990s I realized many future creative possibilities by integrating computers into my agency and opening a new division, Colorplay Studio. I gained valuable experience with electronic tools and continue to utilize them frequently after retirement in 2004.

I feel fortunate to be in fine art, fulfilling a career goal that has become part of my life since my youth. Within two years under the tutelage of fellow professional artist, Jim Daly, I have won three awards for my portraiture work and I am currently prepared for commissions and other custom paintings in either oil or acrylics..
PROFESSIONAL ARTISTS  -  providing workshop training and private instruction:
Constance Pratt  -  Pastels with live models with emphasis on portraiture
Jim Daly  -  Oils with live models with emphasis on portraiture
Tom Browning  -  Oils with still-life props and live model
Kevin MacPherson  -  Oils en plein air (outdoors, multiple locations)
Joseph Bohler  -  Watercolors landscapes (studio)
Neil Boyle  -  Oils from photographic reference
Rafael Maniago  -  Oils from photographic reference
Robin Stacy  -  Oils with live nude male & female models - life drawing and painting emphasis

First Place Ribbon Award, Portraiture, Lane County Fair, 2005
First Place Ribbon Award, Portraiture, Lane County Fair, 2006
Second Place Ribbon Award, Portraiture, Oregon State Fair, 2009
20921 Sage Creek Drive • Bend, OR 97702 • 541.954.5735 • colorplay@garyschubert.com
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